Adrian Mar Trevino

Jr. web developer



Hello! I'm Adrian, a junior web developer based out of San Antonio, TX. I love learning and growing new skills! I'm a self-learning programmer who knows HTML, CSS, JS. I'm learning Python at the moment to gain new skills and take more of a step in backend development.

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Rent Vs Buy Calculator

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I developed a comprehensive buy vs rent calculator using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Google Charts. This interactive tool enables users to make informed decisions by comparing the financial aspects of buying versus renting a property. I integrated Google Charts to visually present data in an intuitive and engaging manner.

Payment Calculator


I developed a payment calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This financial tool was designed to help individuals estimate their monthly mortgage payments based on specific loan details.


Rent Vs Buy Calculator (Older Version)

Older version of my current Buy Vs Rent Calculator. Styling is different. This version used Chart.js to visually present data.